KLOO's Learn French Game Starter Pack (Decks 1 & 2) - Play & Speak French in Seconds

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KLOO makes French fun. Just play and start speaking French in seconds. Effortlessly learn words and make sentences to score points.

You'll learn new words as you play and make French sentences in seconds. That's our promise.  KLOO's trademarked colour-coded system makes learning a language a breeze. Players often don't realise how fast they are learning until they play it again. Words that they have struggled to remember in lessons now magically stick. That's the power of Discovery Learning working for you. It's embedded in the game. To harness it, all you have to do is play. No need to write, study or work. Just play and it will all come naturally.

This French Starter pack contains 2 decks, hundreds of words, millions of sentences and hours of fun. Ideal for 1 – 4  players, aged from 6 to 100. 

Learn to Speak French Card Games for kids schools and adults. Teach yourself French or teach your child French

Deck 1 Theme: People

Deck 2 Theme: Eating & Drinking

KLOO French is ideal for the following:

  • Ages from 6 to 100

  • Absolute beginners through to intermediate learners

  • French teachers and tutors

  • Parents teaching children a language

  • Learning for school or for fun

  • Adult Self-learners

• Multi-Award Winning games that make learning French easy and fun
• 2 French decks, 128 cards and Quick Guide Rules
• Play up to 16 Great Card Games
• Learn how to make tens of thousands of French sentences in seconds
• Learn hundreds of French words as you play
• Start speaking French immediately!

KLOO French Pack 1 (Decks 1 & 2)
Multi-award winning KLOO has turned learning a language into a game. The beauty of the game is that all you have to do is play – and the language will come naturally. There is no working, studying or writing involved. Just fun.

The central idea is to score points by learning French words and by making French sentences as long as possible. For many language learners that will sound daunting. With KLOO, however, it is super easy.  

You score points by making sentences. Watch this video to see how easy it is to to make French sentences with KLOO.


You also score points by learning words. Watch this video to see how you effortlessly learn French words.

Because of the smart language principles embedded inside the game, there is no need to be a language expert in order to play. You can start playing KLOO as an absolute beginner - just be ready for how fast you pick up the language! Within a few games, players effortlessly learn hundreds of words and learn how to make tens of thousands of grammatically correct French sentences.

This pack contains two decks of KLOO cards (Decks 1 & 2). Each deck contains useful French words for making sentences around the themes of "People" and "Eating & Drinking". As players learn all the words in one deck, they move onto the next, building their vocabulary as they go. Players can also consider buying the board game version, Race to Paris, which contains all four KLOO decks.

KLOO Support materials
KLOO provides lots of support to language learners, absolutely free. Check out how you can download French card extensions for free or watch how to play videos.

Customer Guarantees

 Customer Guarantee for KLOO Games

International Awards
KLOO was designed by games experts, tested by teachers, manufactured in the UK and launched in the autumn of 2010. In 2011 KLOO became an instant classic when it won the "Best Classic Toy" at the Dr Toy Awards in the USA. In the UK KLOO won ToyTalk's "Best Board and Card Game of the Year".

Pack Contents
The pack comes complete with:
Quick Start Rules
2 decks, each containing different French words

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